By Maxwell Permanent Jewelry is here!

The hottest trend is now at By Maxwell and it is here to stay! Our permanent jewelry line carries everything from 14k Gold, 14k Gold filled, Silver, White Gold and even sterling silver chains! Our mission is to deliver the trendiest look while staying classy and true to yourself. 

The Chains:

Our 14k gold options are definitely for the boujee. These chains are the perfect classy accessory, and give you all the shine you need in your life.

If you're looking for some more bold chains, the Gold Filled bracelets are going to be for you! We have added multiple thinner and thicker chains, perfect for you and your significant other! While these chains are not solid gold, you can rest assured knowing that these chains won't tarnish! Gold Filled jewelry is chemically bonded to the base metal so you don't have to worry about the jewelry tarnishing or turning. You can wear your jewels all summer long in the pool and they will still look just as sparkly as the day you first got them 

And if gold isn't your thing, we have added SO many sterling silver chains for all of our silver jewelry girls 😉 Many of these chains are similar to our gold filled chains but we also have a few unique silver chains as well! And if you want to be extra bold, mix and match your metals and wear gold and silver bracelets for the ultimate bracelet stack!

Spice up your bracelets with some fun charms! We have everything from birthstone charms to initial charms. Our newest addition in our charm collection is our baby angel number charms! These are seriously so cute and look amazing on anyone 😍 Our charms can be added to any necklace, bracelet, anklet, or even a ring!



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